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About Performance Health, a Registered NDIS Provider

Performance Health, one of the world's leading rehabilitation manufacturers and distributors of assistive technology. You'll find our leading brands such as Homecraft, Days and Tumble Forms 2 available nationally through a dedicated network of NDIS providers and retailers specialising in assistive technology.

Performance Health represents world leading neurological brands including Saebo, Rehabtronics, E-LINK and ableX. If you are a therapist or NDIS Provider and would like to learn more about our range of neurological products, or undertake Saebo Flex Certification training then please contact us at sales@performhealth.com.au

How to Order for NDIS Participants

Select the products you are interested in prescribing and provide your client’s NDIS details. Some products require assessment, measurement, and fitting by a specially trained therapist. We will advise you of these requirements in response to your enquiry. To complete an order, we'll contact the plan coordinator to organise payment, or for self-managed plans, we'll contact the participant for payment. If you are Agency managed, we can create a service booking as a registered NDIS Provider.

Information for NDIS Participants

Your feedback and complaints are welcome. If you require additional support, an interpreter service or advocacy please contact us or refer to https://askizzy.org.au/disability-advocacy-finder

Performance Health ANZ is a registered NDIS Provider (Provider No. 4050005184).

As a participant, if you have any feedback or a complaint, please feel free to contact us at:

Telephone:   1300 473 422
Email: sales@performhealth.com.au

Contact Form

If you prefer, you can give your feedback or make a complaint to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission at:

Telephone:  1800 035 544
Email: contactcentre@ndiscommission.gov.au

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